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How to best prepare for an interview with Tengai

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We understand that it can be scary to be interviewed by a robot but the meeting with Tengai should be seen as an opportunity for candidates to share more information about themselves.

Some tips for job seekers:

  • Be honest! It will be easier to identify your competencies and strengths if you give genuine answers based on real experiences. And then a recruiter can match you with the right company and position.

  • If you lack work experience, share insights you gained from working in teams to complete a school assignment, a sport, or any other experience that was valuable.

  • Don’t adapt your answers. Tengai doesn’t care about your appearance, so you can feel comfortable expressing yourself as you like.

  • Prepare as if you’re going to a traditional job interview. In other words, it’s always a good idea to be rested, not too hungry, and always silence your phone.

  • It’s okay to be nervous. Tengai will adjust the interview tempo and always allow you to answer each question without being stressed.

Tengai support

To chat with a Tengai representative for support, look for this symbol in the bottom right corner here and on the platform.

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