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How to evaluate results in Tengai Recruiting Hub

Learn how to use the Tengai Scoring System

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You can access the shortlist of recommended candidates when you log into Tengai Recruiting Hub. The final scoring, also called Potential, is based on scores generated by both the Personality score and Behavior score.

How to look at results

When the first candidate has finished their Tengai interview, recruiters get access to the automatic shortlist. If the Behavior score is set, Tengai will generate a final score and shortlist of recommended candidates. You get an overview of the shortlists under each assignment.

Here is an example of what how a shortlist could look like:

See each candidates' assessment

If you click on each candidate you will see their assessment, how they answered your screening questions and have the option to listen to and score interview questions about past behavior.

Part 1: The automatic score

The Personality score is an automatic result delivered by Tengai and reflects the candidates' personality and level of:

  • Social confidence

  • Diligence

  • Assertiveness

  • Goal orientation

  • Activity level

  • Task confidence

If the recruiter has set up the personality for the assignment, the personality score will be weighted in favor of the custom settings for evaluation.

Part 2: The manual score

The Behavior score is a manual score that is set by the recruiter. The Behavior score is optional for recruiters who want to want to listen to candidate audio where the candidate answers questions about:

  • Problem-solving

  • Independence

  • Stress tolerance

  • Collaboration

Each question about past behavior can be scored from "Don't fit expectation" to "Exceeds expectation". If a recruiter decides to not listen and manually set a score, Tengai will generate an automatic shortlist based on the Personality score.

To ensure accurate candidate recommendations, psychometric experts tested our framework and validated that Tengai accurately can screen and recommend job-seekers.

Tengai support

You can always reach us through chat, where we'll give you directions in our help center or guide you in person if you prefer that. Just look for this symbol in the bottom right corner and we'll be there during office hours.


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